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Riser Rewards

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Earn Rewards on Every Purchase!

Reward Points Program

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Ways to earn

Creat An Account

150 Points

Make a purchase

2 Points for every $1 spent

Celebrate a birthday

100 points

Refer A Friend

Reward your friend with a $10 OFF coupon. Your friend uses the coupon and makes a purchase.

We reward you with a $10 OFF.

Instagram Follow / Facebook Like

25 Points

Write a review

25 Points


$20 Off

500 Points

$50 Off

800 Points

10% Off

1000 Points

15% Off

1500 Points

20% Off

2000 Points

Become a VIP

Early Riser

Requirement : Create an account
- 150 Points

Top Riser

Requirement : 2000 Points
- 20% OFF Storewide
- 500Points

Ritual Riser

Requirement : 5000 Points
- 20% OFF next order
- FREE Shipping on all orders

Riser Rewards

Loyalty Programs

  1. If you already have an account, log in and click the floating gift box icon to view current status, points, and any coupons available for redemption.

  2. Complete the registration form above then click JOIN to submit your info.  You will be redirected to your account and become eligible to earn and spend points.

Click the floating gift box icon to view your rewards menu.



Q: Can I get points for joining?

A: Yes! Create a rewards account and we’ll automatically add points to your new account. For any issues, reach out to us.

Q: How to do I view my account/current standing/coupons?

A: The floating gift box icon on the left hand side of the screen will display your standing and any coupons available for redemption.

Q: How long do points take to go into my account?

A: Points for activities are automatic. Points for shopping will be added as soon as your order status changes from processing to is completed. We’ll ship your order soon after.