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Our natural full spectrum CBD oil tincture extracted from hemp and made with bioavailable turmeric is undoubtedly our flagship product. This formulation is the perfect balance of taste, purity and potency. It is the product that allows us to stand out in the industry, containing a powerful blend of synergistic botanicals, not just whole plant extract CBD oil. And, if that’s not enough, it tastes amazing!

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Our full spectrum CBD Oil extracted from special high CBD hemp plants are sustainably grown and harvested in sunny Colorado. Our hemp is grown using organic compost and cultivated without harmful pesticides. Once harvested, our hemp is carefully processed and undergoes laboratory testing in three different certified facilities to test for purity and CBD content. The result is a super high quality full spectrum CBD oil, free of harmful solvents and chemicals and loaded with beneficial plant nutrients, cannabinoids, and live terpenes.

If you are dealing with a particular ailment or health concern, or if you are pregnant or lactating, please seek advice from your doctor before introducing tincture in your diet.

(Agricultural Act of 2014, Pub.L. 113-79 – Section 7606 defines the federal limit for “non-psychoactive” as 0.3% THC, matching the international standard)


Coconut MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Hemp Terpenes, Wildcrafted Turmeric, Stevia Extract.

Suggested Use:

Shake well prior to use. 1-2 droppers daily.

Shelf life is approximately 18 months

Additional Support:

Research indicates it takes 7-14 days for the cannabinoids to activate in the brain and central nervous system. Please use this product consistently in order to allow your body to adapt to the effects. If you are suffering from a particular ailment or health concern, or if you are pregnant or lactating, please seek advice from your doctor before introducing full-spectrum hemp CBD into your diet.

  • 3rd Party Lab Test Verified
  • USA Grown Hemp
  • Free of Pesticides, Mold and Other Harsh Chemicals
  • High Terpene and Cannabinoid Content
  • Vegan / Gluten Free / Non-GMO
Limonene- Energizing / Increases Uptake / Digestive aid
Beta-Caryophyllene- Anti-inflammatory / Soothes digestion / Increases uptake
Humulene- Anti-bacterial / Anti-inflammatory
Anti-parasitic / Anti-fingal / Anti-microbial
Skin healing
Calming / Soothing
Antioxidant / Anti-inflammatory / Calming

Additional information

Weight 3 oz

11 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

  1. Awiesemann (verified owner)

    Full spectrum 01 has helped me tremendously. I was taking ibuprofen daily due to long term hip pain and post-op surgery. Once I started taking your CBD, I have yet to take an ibuprofen. I am amazed how I feel since starting it. Also, the CBD not only eases my pain, but I am less anxious. I sleep better and I feel better since taking it. It is daily must have in my life.

  2. Donna (verified owner)

    After a few weeks of using the 2Rise Full Spectrum Oil, I am sold! I have had problems sleeping for many years and I find it much easier to get to sleep and if I do wake in the night it’s easier to get back to sleep. I have a much greater sense of calm without that churning feeling in my chest that comes with anxiety.

    I was a little apprehensive about the taste but found it to be very pleasant.

    I appreciate and trust the high quality standards that go into making the oil, it’s worth every penny! Thank you 2Rise Naturals!

  3. Natural med student (verified owner)

    2Rise Full-Spectrum Oil has tremendously improved my overall sense of serenity in life. After exposure to formaldehyde and other neuroinflammatory chemicals for 2 years, I was easily distracted, anxious, and not able to read one page of my medical school texts. My memory was poor and I felt like I couldn’t keep up with the rigors of school. After one bottle, taking 1 dropperful twice per day, my mind cleared up and I rediscovered my normal calm self. As a bonus, my pms symptoms also resolved. I attribute the reduction of inflammation that I experienced to 2Rise’s Full Spectrum tincture, which I first discovered at Local Juicery in Sedona. It is surprisingly tasty and clearly made with healing intentions, and I am so grateful for it!

  4. anni (verified owner)

    I bought the 2rise naturals cbd oil for my young nephew with brain cancer. I helped with the pain and discomfort and would recommend this to anyone in need.

  5. hemphealsmyheart

    Last month I found 2risenaturals CBD products in Summer Sanders Local Juicery in Sedona. Being a health and nutrition junkie, I had always heard praises of CBD but never took the leap. Something spoke to me that day, to abandon my fears as it was almost out of my budget, and I got it anyway. Oh my god has my life changed. I have always struggled with anxiety, negative self-talk, moodiness, quick temperament, anger, and social nervousness. This CBD tincture made me feel like a whole new ME, but in my best version possible, because I felt so free from all of my aforementioned issues. I have now run out and have noticed that I am not on my best without it. I am getting a new bottle right away because this is one STAPLE in my cabinet that I plan to keep using forever! I should also note that I love THIS product because I do not want to smoke herb due to the thc content (as well as harmful carcinogens that come from smoking), this has extremely minute thc so it will not exacerbate any anxiety in me, like its smoked counterpart. 2riseNaturals has been my first impression of this marvelous plant and I will be faithful and loyal to the brand. Please never ever ever lose your integrity or quality, I would be so sad if I ever got less than the miraclousness of this product. Thank you sooo much!!

  6. maureen Mcintyre (verified owner)

    I had been dealing with chronic skeletal/muscle problems for over 5 years and tried everything holistic from massage to cupping, reiki and exercise. I refuse to become a medical patient and as a result, I tried 2Rise Naturals’ CBD oil and within one week, I had an 80% reduction in pain. I highly recommend this product to anyone dealing with inflammation. Oh, and the taste is great!


    I was one of the fearful women at 48 years old in disbelief that a product like CBD could change my life! I don’t use drugs nor have I used aspirin, Ibuprofen or Tylenol for several months, however, trying to alleviate my chronic pain and occasional anxiety, those medications were a regular daily part of my life in addition to using antidepressants! I can proudly say that with regular use of vitamins and herbs and CBD, I am celebrating life now more than I ever have now that my insomnia and anxiety are no longer a daily issue.

    There are a lot of CBD products and companies out there to choose from and I found frightening that many companies have diluted their product and the integrity just isn’t what you get for the money you pay. And worse yet, many companies have turned it into a multi level marketing campaign and people who have absolutely no idea what they’re selling are simply trying to get rich quick or purchase CBD at a discount (so they believe).

    I am incredibly impressed with the full spectrum quality of ingredients 2 Rise Naturals offers and I am 100% satisfied with the exceptional results I have personally had and seen from others!

    I discovered CBD while I was on vacation in Florida speaking a massage therapist who raved about the product and I decided to leave my fear at home and educate myself! What I have discovered after a lot of research and misinformation about CBD and what it is derived from, thinking at first, it was just another “drug”. I decided to try CBD and truly educate myself. After I received a tremendous amount of education about the product and it’s tremendous benefit, I decided to purchase capsules and the tincture. Within two days, my chronic sleep deprivation, anxiousness and pain disappeared! After two days, I tried to rationalize “perhaps this product is having a placebo effect”… so impressed with the relief I was getting, I gave a bottle to my father who is 79 years old and told him it might help his pain & anxiety. He took one capsule before a wedding we attended and said he immediately felt calmer within one hour. He has always been a little ADHD and now suffers from some social anxiety . I also gifted my 28-year-old son with a bottle of 2Rise capsules after learning about the positive effects it had on Individuals suffering from ADD & ADHD. My son was diagnosed with ADHD at 19 and has had trouble sleeping since he was a teenager. If only I discovered this product when he was a teenager! My son, 28 years old, commented that within days of taking 1 CBD capsule at night, he felt like a different person! He said he slept through the entire night for the first time since he can remember! Now he has taking both the tincture and capsules to help him stay focused at work during the day and have a thorough nights sleep.

    My compassion and love for people who suffer from physical and emotional pain led lead me to tell a coworker who could not afford CBD, although she had tried another brand and said it didn’t work. I decided to gift this fellow co-worker a bottle and told her to call the owner and chemist of 2Rise naturals to discuss her options and suggested usage. Three days later, my co-worker walked into my office and hugged me so tight with tears in her eyes and I could see and feel a different person! This anxiety-ridden coworker’s symptoms were disappearing! After 2 weeks of using 2Rise Natural CBD, she claims she doesn’t have the horrific symptoms from fibromyalgia and arthritis and actually sleeps through the night! She has discovered her own way to budget this product into her daily life and has now helped other women find this product!

    I am such an advocate of this product and so impressed with the integrity and quality of 2Rise naturals, if I didn’t have such a successful real estate business, I would absolutely be out marketing this product and interviewing for a new career! This product has changed my life! I am calmer, I don’t have the anxiety and chronic pain that I suffered from since my early 20s! –An organic believer with gratitude…
    Jeanette S., Sedona

  8. Brandon

    2Rise Naturals’ CBD has quite simply changed my life. I’ve gratefully utilized a few of their products for the last year and they have tremendously helped my inflammation, mood and overall well-being. The quality is impeccable and the taste is also great. I highly recommend them.

  9. mrstugboats (verified owner)

    I seriously love this product. One dropper full works all day for one of my family members. It took about 4 days for it to work. Now there is such a huge improvement in behavior, calmness, focus, and overall we are thrilled we found this company. Thank you so much for such a life changing oil!

  10. sedonastacie

    August 9, 2017

    2Rise Natural’s products ARE amazing! I have used this and the capsules. I now use them both together at separate times of the day and I found that is the trick for me. I have literally no more pain, sleeping better and my stress and anxiety levels have almost completely disappeared. This oil tastes like oranges and they use all natural ingredients in their products. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I have given it to friends of mine and now they are also hooked. I have tried several other CDB products and absolutely nothing compares to 2RiseNaturals.

  11. Amy

    2Rise Natural’s products are amazing! Not only are they made with high quality ingredients, they are also made with an attitude of service and love which is evident in everything about the products. What I love the most about these products is the quality of sleep I am getting. I am sleeping through the night on a regular basis which hasn’t happened for a few years now. Additionally, I find that the use of CBD really helps quiet the chattering of the mind allowing for more focus and productivity. This is especially noticeable during my meditation and relaxation practices.

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