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Ways to Begin 2020 for a Year of Good Health

We all know January is the month for reinvesting in our health. So what’s your game plan for the new year? Maybe join a new gym, stick to the diet a little better? All these ideals are great, but what about your mental wellness? We believe that on top of taking the new year as a time to get back in shape it is also the perfect time to reinvest in yourself! Good ways to do so? Tapping into the CBD world, taking more time for yourself, and recognizing the good in your life. Oh, and drinking lots and lots of water! 

CBD is (as we all know) a great tool being used more and more for battling anxiety and stress. Feeling a little anxious in the new year? A daily drop of 01. can help calm your mind when things start to get a little hectic. When we take Cannabidiol, it helps regulate our Endocannabinoid system which helps level out the central nervous system. A good leveling out might do some good to a rickety mind. Whether it’s the new year or the middle of May, we’re all trying to live a “healthier” lifestyle. 

Another great way to ensure a healthy 2020 is making sure you’re allowing yourself time for YOU. Whether that’s sitting with your favorite book, a POP 03. softgel and a cup of hot tea, or enjoying a midday run in the sun. Time to have for yourself is incredibly important. It gives us all the opportunity to decompress from life that can feel like a jungle from time to time.

Lastly, taking the time to recognize the good that surrounds you in life, also allows you to recognize the not-so-worthy. There are always things we can eliminate or live without. Some things that don’t necessarily help us move forward in life. As we start to understand the things that don’t give us value, we can begin to detoxify and then give more time to the good things. 

We, just like you are looking forward to a new year where we can start fresh, but here at 2Rise we always support the idea to live a good, healthy, life. So, our simple advice? Take your CBD, allow yourself alone time, and drink water!

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