I can’t tell you how long it took me to find a source of 100% coconut derived MCT oil that I could approve of. But I do know that I have a crazy obsession for quality control and that is what makes customers continue to support our

Kendra Mark
Founder, 2Rise Naturals

Kendra Mark, the founder of 2Rise Naturals, is on a mission to empower people to reconnect to their ability to heal and optimize, and CBD is just the beginning.

Kendra went to school for communications and PR and later transferred to a specialized 4-year program in energy medicine
and somatic psychology. She’s since dove head-first into all aspects of alternative medicine including nutrition, herbology, product formulation, genetics, and biohacking.

2Rise Naturals launched in 2016 with products made by hand
in a commercial kitchen by Kendra herself. After over a year of palate-numbing formulation testing, the most delicious tinctures on the market were born. 2Rise continues to build out it’s versatile vertical of effective wellness-inspired CBD products for all. An important part of our mission is to break stereotypes and create formulations for all of your needs.