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What is SADS and Can CBD help?

Do you feel constantly drained of energy this season? Post-holiday blues holding on like nobody’s business? Well turns out you can take actionable steps to improve your mood throughout the year.

Let’s chat about what SADS really is! According to psychology today, Seasonal Affective disorder affects over 10million Americans every year. These symptoms can appear as early as fall but cases have been seen in warmer months depending on if individuals reside in climates without a lot of sunshine. SADS is more than just your typical “rainy day” attitude. An individual must meet the criteria for major depression coinciding with a specific season for 2 or more years. According to the same study, it is 4x more prevalent in women than men but many people with milder cases go undiagnosed.

The Symptoms

SADS symptoms look a lot like depression but are directly related to changes in season/weather. Anything from loss of appetite to heavy feeling in one’s outer extremities to more extreme depressive symptoms like suicidal thoughts, irritability or insomnia. 

It’s important to always consult a medical or health professional if you experience any symptom of depression as it could be more serious. 

The Cause

The causes of SADS have been up for debate for some time. Most health professionals believe it is directly related to one’s melatonin production level. Melatonin isn’t just “that one supplement you can get to help you sleep.” When darkness falls, our bodies naturally secretes the hormone in increasing fashion until we are meant to fall asleep. Melatonin has been widely researched for improving a variety of sleep issues when taken orally.

Can CBD help?

But what if you have the opposite problem? Well in recent months, with the passing of the famed Farm Bill relinquishing some restrictions on CBD, CBD has become a more prominent alternative to explore and it seems that it’s being tested for everything! In 2014, a neural study done on the effects of CBD and social anxiety led to finding that CBD may also have antidepressant properties. Being that depressive symptoms are the primary symptoms of SADS, this may be a helpful route to explore. The study based its findings on orally consumed CBD like Tinctures or Softgels.

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