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How to use CBD Oil Tincture : Oral, Sublingual or Topical

If it’s your first time giving our CBD oil a try, you may have questions on how to use CBD oil tinctures. There are a few ways to use them.

Whether you need CBD oil for anxiety, insomnia, relaxation, or pain relief, the method of consumption might make a difference when it comes to your overall experience. Since tinctures are designed for oral usage, how do you choose the right method for you?

Well, here’s everything you need to know about the two different consumption methods for CBD oil tinctures! 

Using CBD Oil Orally 

There are two ways you can take CBD orally, you can either swallow your dose or allow it to absorb under your tongue. When you drop CBD oil onto your tongue and swallow it immediately, it goes to your stomach, through your liver, and then enters the bloodstream. This process can increase the absorption time, which might affect your experience with CBD if you’re expecting to feel its effects rather quickly.

Taking CBD sublingually means placing your dose under your tongue and allowing the blood vessels to absorb the product. It’s a quicker way to feel the calming effects of CBD, which is why it’s still one of the most preferable ways to benefit from CBD.

Why Take CBD Sublingually?

The main benefits of the sublingual method include a quick absorption time, convenience, and general relaxation. If you’re using CBD oil for anxiety relief, before bedtime for deeper sleep, or even to make your time at work feel more enjoyable, we recommend using our tinctures sublingually.

If you have an extra minute to hold the CBD under your tongue, then the sublingual method can be easy to incorporate into your daily wellness routine.

Swallowing CBD

For first-timers, it’s pretty common to place the tincture drops on the tongue and immediately swallow your dosage. In fact, it can be a great consumption method if you need less CBD to feel the benefits and prefer a slower release time.

Swallowing CBD is fairly straightforward and doesn’t amount to any extra time in your morning or night routine. In fact, you can even add it to your favorite beverage to make an extra tasty treat with benefits.

Using CBD Oil Topically

The best part about CBD oil is that if you don’t feel like taking an oral dose, you can use it as a topical treatment! In fact, it’s a great option if you need localized pain relief or have aching muscles, but aren’t interested in a full-body experience.

By binding to the cell receptors in our muscle tissues, which respond to pain and soreness, CBD can start working its magic to reduce inflammation! Just take a few drops and rub it onto the area that needs it. Yes, it’s that easy!

You can always go straight for a topical treatment like CBD lotions or creams, but with a CBD oil, you have options. When you need something to reduce your anxiety, take a dose of your CBD oil. If you need to hit the gym tomorrow but your body has other ideas, you’ll have your CBD oil ready to go.

For whatever you need, your CBD oil tincture has your back!

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