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Counting Sheep: CBD & Sleep

These days it’s easier to find someone who doesn’t know the true feeling of “great night sleep” than someone who has great sleeping patterns. With the stress of life, truly good sleep can seem almost nonexistent. Are you one of the unlucky few experiencing sleep issues all too often? Rumor has it CBD is a great sleep aid! Does it really work? 

Lying in bed thinking about our to-do list of the next day alone could bring enough stress to give your body a big fat fail in the sleep department, but it puts a little perspective on the notion that having a busy mind is not the ideal condition for a great night’s rest. Whether we’re facing a presentation in the morning or our relationship is on the fritz, stress is all around us. CBD helps regulate our cortisol levels which have a significant impact on sleep cycles. Taking an appropriate amount of CBD an hour before bed may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep.

Another factor for loss of sleep can be associated with pain. Behind lack of sleep, the CDC estimates that over 20 million people suffer from chronic pain which can majorly affect good sleep methods and consistency. CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation – which is a key factor in chronic pain. If you suffer from pain in your joints, headaches or even menstrual cramps, CBD may help alleviate your symptoms and help you sleep pain-free. You can read more about CBD’s growing contribution to positive pain management here.

A fewer amount of people (but still quite a few) suffer from muscle tremors or something similar. It’s hard to relax our muscles when all they want to do is party all night. Muscle spasms are a reflection of our central nervous system sending a chemical message. Without a proper supply of endocannabinoids, there is nothing slowing down these chemicals, causing muscles to contract continuously. As we know from our past blog about the Endocannabinoid system, CBD helps regulate that system. In this case: assisting with muscles relaxation and reduction of spasticity can help calm both body and mind.

Many factors contribute to a night of bad night sleep, but CBD may be a helpful addition to your nightly routine! The only way to find out is to give it a try and see if the Z’s roll in.

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