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CBD Microdosing Guide – CBD Oil Dosing 101

CBD microdosing is the practice of taking smaller doses of full-spectrum hemp CBD several times throughout the day.

The smaller doses help you maintain optimal functionality all day long without the sudden return of anxiety, pain, inflammation and other ailments. Sometimes taking a larger dose when you have a fast metabolism, it can wear off faster and leave you needing relief sooner.

Endocannabinoid System Functionality

Taking smaller doses of full-spectrum hemp CBD several times a day helps your endocannabinoid system stay balanced. Larger doses, especially over time, can cause the receptors in your body to be less responsive. The smaller doses are easier for the receptors to accept and may help regulate your central and peripheral nervous systems more efficiently.

Controlled Tolerance

Even though full-spectrum CBD doesn’t produce psychoactive effects, your body still builds up a tolerance to it. What this means is that, over time, you’ll need more and more of the CBD to achieve the same result. Not only can this get expensive, it can overstimulate the cannabinoid receptors in your body.

Smaller doses allow you to slowly build a tolerance, maintain proper balance and not overstimulate the cannabinoid receptors. If you have days where you just feel “off” you’ll be able to increase your dose by a smaller amount and return to your normal dose the very next day. You won’t feel any negative effects or symptoms of withdrawal when returning to smaller doses after a rough day.

Starting Off the Day Right

In the morning it is a good idea to take a bigger dose of full-spectrum CBD. Most people are more active in the morning, so your body is metabolizing the CBD out of itself faster. An example would be to take a capsule in the morning instead of drops. Capsule dosages are larger and are intended to work in your body for several hours. As you digest the capsule, the cannabinoids are traveling to the areas of the body that need them.

Dosing Throughout the Day

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Small doses, such as 10mg or 15mg (as examples) a couple times throughout

the day is ideal. Replenishing the cannabinoids your body has already used helps prevent an endocannabinoid system deficiency (Try Adding It To Treats!). If you adopt a microdosing schedule of your own, keep track of your doses so you can see how much your body needs in different daily scenarios to keep inflammation down, maintain focus, control nausea and multiple other ailments.

Listen to your Body

There is no maximum daily dose or dangerous level of full-spectrum CBD. You don’t have to worry about an overdose or being unable to function. While planning when to take a dose may be ideal for those with busy schedules, your body may not actually need the dose at that particular time. Listen to your body, it will let you know when it needs more CBD.

Closing Thoughts

One of the goals of microdosing is to determine how much full-spectrum CBD you need a day to ensure that your endocannabinoid system is functioning properly. Dose sizes and frequencies vary for everyone. It may take a few days to determine how much and how often your body will need full-spectrum CBD, so it is important to have patience through the process.

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