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Traveling Light: Traveling with CBD

Traveling this time of year is not only insanely busy, but it’s also (in most cases) highly anticipated! It’s the time of year we get to see and spend time with our loved ones without worrying about the 9-5. Regardless of your travel plans or intentions, CBD is often considered a “must” to keep us level-headed throughout the ups and downs. So what’s the deal these days with traveling accompanied by our daily dose?

With the laws of CBD and Marijuana products changing constantly, it can be hard to keep up. So first let’s quickly determine the difference between Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana (because yes, it makes a difference). Put simply, Cannabis is the plant that can be broken down into three main types: Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Marijuana can be a member of either Indica or Sativa and contains psychoactive properties, where Hemp can only be a member of Cannabis Sativa and does not contain any psychoactive effects.

2Rise is a CBD brand with Hemp products. Some of our products are considered full-spectrum, which means they contain small amounts of THC, but under the Federal limit of 0.3%.

As of December 2018, the Farm Bill made it federally legal to produce, purchase and use CBD under certain regulations. That’s why 2Rise is legally allowed to do what we do! However, it is important to remember when traveling that state laws are different than federal laws and should be respected greatly. For example, some states still consider any CBD containing any more than 0.0% THC illegal.

So where do the regulations on traveling fall in all of this? Well, it’s complicated, to say the least. We always recommend doing your research before traveling to a different state with substances like these.

Our “grand scheme of things” recommendation? If traveling by plane, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Although all of our products are federally legal for anyone to consume, we suggest to not chance packing our oils or softgels in your carry-on. If you still use our discontinued vape pens, do not pack in your carry-on for there are serious laws against any and all vaporizing pens on planes. A one way ticket to the slammer if you must. When traveling by car, it’s much easier to travel with your trusty 2Rise CBD.

What’s our favorite 2Rise product to travel with? Our POP 03. Full Spectrum Softgels are not only a great daily dose of natural anti-inflammatory goodness. They also don’t leave a mess if accidentally opened during travel.

Whether you’re traveling across the country or down the street, traffic and airports can be a nightmare this time of year. CBD can be your friend and (trust us) we sympathize with the ache of traveling. We just recommend you be mindful and respectful of state laws.

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