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It’s Chronic: CBD and Chronic Pain

We always say “CBD works best on a set regimen” because it really can take up to two weeks to start seeing relief. As CBD is not a prescription pharmaceutical, we can’t make claims about how you will or will not feel. Plus, like you’ve been hearing since you were young, “everyone’s different”. Though cliche- It’s true down to a cellular level, our bodies metabolize things differently depending on factors ranging from genetics to current health state. A European study of pain management showed promising results for CBD in mitigating symptoms from the two most difficult types of paint to treat, inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

Pain Management

CBD is one of 120 cannabinoid compounds. Even though it is not psychoactive like its brother, THC, CBD has still been used for pain management and as an anti-inflammatory agent. If you are suffering from chronic pain, CBD could be a really great addition to your wellness routine. CBD influences the body’s own endocannabinoid system which in turn can help regulate functions such as sleep, immune-system responses, and pain.

Chronic Inflammatory VS Neuropathic Pain

What is chronic pain? Well if you’ve ever suffered from any form of chronic ailment, you know how devastating and hopeless it can seem. Furthermore, a lack of understanding from a variety of friends, family, and health professionals can further add to the isolated feelings that accompany any form of chronic illness.

Though hard to treat, chronic pain- or pain lasting for large amounts of time- can span from weeks to years and can be especially complex as it can encompass both chronic neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

“Neuropathic pain is produced by damage to the neurons in the peripheral and central nervous systems and involves sensitization of these systems. ” Examples of this would be things such as nerve damage or trauma, cancer pain, etc. This is often a chronic condition not like pain from a run of the mill ankle sprain that eventually subsides when the trauma is healed.

In contrast, Inflammatory pain is an immune response to trauma and is the body’s won way of attempting self-protection. Unfortunately, those with chronic inflammatory pain see the symptoms from months to years resulting from a variety of reasons including autoimmune conditions to expose to irritants over extended periods of time. Chronic inflammation can cause a variety of other issues including physical and psychological.

The Pill for Pain

For those taking medications, We always recommend speaking with a health professional prior to changing medications or adding vitamins. Pop 03. is our most popular supplement for starting a pain management routine, the full-spectrum soft gels are considered extra-strength in that they contain 30MG per softgel and 900mg of Full-spectrum CBD per bottle. Though the primary ingredient is Terpenes, less than .03% THC is present for full-spectrum results. If you are needing a little extra support, we recommend adding the Drop 01. Full-Spectrum as a secondary support method. The sublingual intake method is faster-acting and good for through the day support. Just remember to keep under your tongue for 60 seconds in order to reap the full benefits.


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