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Holiday Gift Guide

A gift guide with 2rise products may see simplified but we have carefully curated our brand to cater to a wide range of health and wellness needs with the fewest possible products. Buying CBD for someone can be complicated based on who they are and how experienced they are with CBD. Fear no more, we are here to help, because much like you (based on the fact that you’re reading this article) we believe everyone should have CBD in their life.

DROP 01.
CBD Lover

Are you shopping for the CBD lover? DROP 02. is our daily dose of CBD love. With full-spectrum components, this CBD product helps as a sleep aid as well as an anti-inflammatory substance. Perfect for someone who you know appreciates the positive effects CBD can have.

Although DROP 01. if classified as full-spectrum, it contains less than 03.% of THC, so there will be no psychoactive side effects after consumption.

DROP 02.

Whether you want to get your friend or loved one onto a CBD regime because you love it so much or you think they could benefit physically, DROP 02. is the way to start for newcomers. With no THC, this product of CBD serves the purpose purely of balancing your Endocannabinoid system – which we’ve stated many times is just a fancy term for “balancing your central nervous system.”

Drop 02. helps reduce inflammation and clear the mind. What makes it even greater? The Turmeric additive, which we all know also acts as one of the greatest naturally occurring reducer of inflammation. Perfect for someone who suffers from arthritis, back pain, headaches, etc.

POP 03.
CBD Veterans

The fully experienced, looking for full-spectrum CBD will love POP 03. It pairs incredibly well with DROP 02. for the ultimate daily dose with ease. Take on your day-to-day imbalances with this easy to use and easy to travel with jar of softgels.

We may be biased but in our eyes, any and everyone could benefit from a dose of CBD. This holiday season, stuff a stocking with one of our go-to options for a more balanced lifestyle.

POP 04.
CBD for Sleep

Formulated to help you drift into peaceful sleep. This tincture contains a high dose of full spectrum CBD complimented by a proper dose of CBN, plus a small amount of melatonin.

CBN has a sedative effect, which gives it a reputation as “the sleep cannabinoid”, while melatonin helps to regulate the sleep–wake cycle.

BONUS: We’ve made it a delicious peppermint flavor!

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