Sleep better.

Full-Spectrum CBD + CBN for Sleep

with melatonin & peppermint


Our versatile vertical was built to offer relief for total mind and body support for a community of well-being. We are always testing more innovative ways to deliver results-driven products that suit every individual’s needs.



We’re out here to prove good-for-you can also taste good, which is why our team has gone to great lengths to figure out how to make our products taste delicious. That word is not frequently used in our industry.



Our CBD is grown in Colorado and sourced from farms that only use organic practices. All of our products are guaranteed to use the highest quality oil available. Additionally, we believe in the power and syngergistic effects of terpenes and incorporate them in nearly all of our products.


Lab Tested

Every single product is laboratory tested so that you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. We don't have secrets. Ask for our lab results anytime!

Bud To Bottle


Farming practices and manufacturer preferences greatly influence the extraction process. That’s why we use all-organic farming practices. Our preferred extraction method is alcohol. We retain all terpenes and cannabinoids present in the plant, and our oil comes out between 79-99% cannabinoid content depending on which type of product we are using it for.


2Rise products are guaranteed to use thehighest quality CBD available. Ingredients are sourced and processed in a sustainable way free of pesticides, fungicides, or harshchemicals. Our strict standards guide every step of the extraction process. Traditionally, after the initial extraction, the next step is a process called winterization, which removes the fats and waxes out of the oil using ethanol and freezing it to separate the unwanted elements. We’re excited to share that we’re moving to a completely solvent free oil! Our new technology allows us to remove the waxes and fats without the winterization process, thus providing an oil that is completely solvent free.


Don’t just take it from us, here’s what some other people have to say…
Or learn how others are incorporating CBD into their wellness regimen.

I am very wary of taking just any CBD products without knowing & trusting in what I am putting in my body. I love their products & have complete trust in their formulas!
- Sophia
Helps with pain and anxiety! I hardly ever use Advil anymore. This stuff is amazing
- Kristin
I love this product! This stuff really works. My anxiety has been so much better since taking this daily. It mellows me out but not in a really notice- able way. And It tastes good!
- Kristin

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